2018-2019 Season

Cookout Upgrade Plan

For the 2018-2019 season, we decided to get back to the roots of Makers Faire and move our focus back to the building and design elements of our club. With that in mind, I took a look at the needs we have around the chapel. Of the things that were within our power to do, I settled on the idea that we could spruce up our cookout and VBS initiatives by adding some more festive activities that would attract more people and give the kids more things to do.

I want everyone to research more games, foods, prizes, or anything else that might be fun to add to our cookout. Don’t just rest on the ideas that I post below. That being said, here are some things I found online, and even if we dont use them at least it should point us in the direction I think we should go.



Fishing for Loot Bags

Maybe make the pole extra long and thin, so it’s bouncy. Use different size hooks to increase challenge.

Target range

Use nerf guns or airsoft

Giant Jenga

Frisbee Toss

Maybe use different size slots

Lawn Twister

How easy is this? Could even make it extra long to involve more people.

Wheel of Candy (or prizes)

More of a prize, but you could have kids spend tickets earned at other games to get to spin the wheel. Use greater and lesser candies?

Pong Bounce

Bounce ping pong balls off of table to attempt to score

Putt Putt Golf

Maybe make this for the Putt Putt challenge?

Mini Bowling

Pin the X on the X

Just a simple challenge for the younger kids

Balloon Darts

Stuff prizes in the balloon, get to keep what drops

Another ball toss game, could be fun


Paint a target in the parking lot, launch water balloons and try to hit the bullseye





Caramel Apple Station

Chocolate Dipped Banana Station

Cupcake Station

Ice Cream Scoops

Maybe Homemade Ice Cream?

Cotton Candy

Note the use of plastic bags..

S’More Station

Fresh Popcorn

Grab N’ Go Taco Station

Stuffed / Twice Baked Potatoes



Fill the yard with balloons using golf tees!

Guess How Many Raffle

Face Painting


Big Project: Build a Grill